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PRMs Research Collaborative
The purpose of The Collaborative to build a professional network of people with expertise and interest in PRMs research, and to promote opportunities that will foster partnership and collaboration in the health system. This includes providing a forum for clinical researchers and clinicians from across South Australia to come together and share their knowledge and bring focus to the benefits of PRMs research in clinical practice. The Collaborative must align with the Principles of the PRM Program, CEIH strategic objectives, and the implementation plan for the statewide PRMs Program.
The primary benefits of being a member of The Collaborative will include:
• Share knowledge and experience around contemporary PRM approaches and initiatives; increasing knowledge of research complete or underway.
• Opportunities to connect and foster partnerships and collaboration in the health system for research partnerships, shared research interest areas and information about research opportunities participants could engage and contribute on.
• Invitation to networking events and activities hosted by HTSA and/or CEIH.
• Support to connect with other researchers and clinicians to access a diverse network of people with varying capabilities, skills and knowledge in PRMs research.
Governance of the PRMs Research Collaborative
The CEIH and HTSA have shared objectives centred around improving patient outcomes and accelerating capacity to improve healthcare and the health of all South Australians. Through working together, the parties are well positioned to facilitate the delivery of a PRMs Research Collaborative.
Together CEIH and HTSA will provide the strategic focus and oversight for the development and management of operational aspects of The Collaborative and its membership.
PRMs Research Collaborative membership
The PRMs Research Collaborative will be multidisciplinary and include representation from clinicians, health care professions, researchers, academics, general practice, and relevant government and non-government organisations operating in South Australia.
As The Collaborative provides a capability building and networking function, there is no specific cap on membership numbers.
Period31 Jan 20222025
Held atCommission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (CEIH), Australia