HTSA's Consumer Engagement Summit Panel Session

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In October 2023, the Health and Technology in South Australia (HTSA) hosted its annual Consumer Engagement Summit, bringing together experts, professionals, and community members to discuss and showcase their collaborative efforts in healthcare. One of the highlight events of the summit was a panel session that featured distinguished individuals who shared insights on their impactful work with community partnerships and the evaluation of their value.

Panel Composition
The panel, chaired by Dr. Nadia Corsini from the University of South Australia (UniSA), brought together esteemed professionals from various healthcare and research institutions:

Prof. Gill Cauhey from the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).
Jasmin Mazis, also from SAHMRI.
Dr. Maria Alejandra Pinero de Plaza representing Flinders University.
Rae Plush is a crucial figure from the Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN).
Discussion Highlights
The panel discussion focused on their collaborative efforts with community members and the methods used to assess the value of these partnerships. Some of the key points and insights shared during the session include:

Community-Centered Approach: The panelists stressed the importance of adopting a community-centered approach in healthcare initiatives. Prof. Gill Cauhey and Jasmin Mazis shared examples of projects where community input and involvement played a pivotal role in shaping healthcare solutions.

Measuring Impact: Dr. Maria Alejandra Pinero de Plaza provided insights into measuring the impact of community partnerships. She emphasised the need for clear, measurable outcomes and ongoing assessment to understand the value of these collaborations concerning her research:

Diversity and Inclusion: Rae Plush discussed the significance of diversity and inclusion in community partnerships. The panel acknowledged that diverse perspectives enhance the effectiveness and relevance of healthcare interventions.

Innovative Tools and Technologies: The panellists also discussed the role of innovative tools and technologies in facilitating community engagement and data collection. They highlighted how these tools can streamline evaluating the impact of partnerships.

Challenges and Solutions: The panel did not avoid discussing the challenges encountered in their collaborative efforts. They emphasised the need for proactive problem-solving and adaptability from funding constraints to communication barriers.

Collaborative Networks: The session emphasised the importance of building collaborative solid networks within the healthcare sector; Dr Pinero de Plaza mentioned that she investigates care networks considering the Caring Life Course theory and the Fundamentals of Care Framework. As the session chair, Dr. Nadia Corsini encouraged attendees to explore opportunities for cross-institutional cooperation.

Video Recording
The entire panel session and the insightful discussion are available through the link: Watch Panel Session. This recording allows those who missed the live session to benefit from the wealth of information and experience shared by the panellists.

The panel session at HTSA's Consumer Engagement Summit in October 2023 provided a platform for healthcare experts and community partners to discuss their valuable collaborative work. The session was enriched by the contributions of Prof. Gill Cauhey, Jasmin Mazis, Dr. Maria Alejandra Pinero de Plaza, Rae Plush, and the moderation of Dr. Nadia Corsini. Their insights underscored the importance of community engagement and innovative approaches in healthcare, leaving attendees with practical tips for evaluating the value of such partnerships. The discussion showed the promising future of community-centred healthcare in South Australia and globally.
Period24 Oct 2023
Held atHealth Translation South Australia (HTSA), Australia
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