Health Data and Clinical Trials

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HDCT are experts in the delivery of unique clinical trials and health data science, ranging from registries and translational work to Phase 0 - IV randomised controlled trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas, for both industry and academia.The academic CRO (Clinical Research Organisation) services include refining proposals, study & database design, ethics and governance, trial (including multi-site) implementation, project management, statistical monitoring, data handling, medical writing, upscaling, and collaboration. HDCT provide the gamut of clinical research service support to choose from to help researchers with all relevant aspects of research, whether local, national & international research; self-driven, pharma, co-funded, or collaborative endeavours.


  • Q Science (General)
  • Clinical Research Organisation
  • Digital Health
  • Research Studies
  • Health Data
  • Clinical Trials
  • Support Service


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