Virtual registry of peri-/menopause in Australia (VITAL)

  • Erin Morton (Manager)

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The VITAL program aims to improve health outcomes across Australia, co-creating real-world impact via knowledge development, research, education and policy. Our research uses cutting edge technology to gather information on the Australian community experience of peri/menopause

The problem:
Despite its natural prevalence, peri-menopause and menopause remain hidden conditions, with >85% of Australians experiencing significant symptoms mostly undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, untreated, and/or mistreated.

Embarrassment, prejudice, stigma, poor research funding, and minimal (re‑)education of both clinicians and community contribute to misdiagnoses and overwhelming ignorance of this central stage of life.

Menopause: Hormones stop and no further eggs are released by ovaries.
Perimenopause: Ovaries gradually stop releasing eggs as hormones decrease.

The solution:
VITAL is a registry that collects community data via a questionnaire to measure the actual burden of perimenopause and menopause across Australia. This data could determine how best to support the population, with a specific focus on extending beyond the standard metropolitan participants and clinical academic questions, to find out what really matters to the community.

The first and most critical step in this process is to ensure that we are asking the right questions.

Our virtual clinical registry allows us to
a. Estimate both the number and breadth of Australians affected more accurately.
b. Determine advice more relevant to our diverse Australian population.
c. Improve care pathways for all.


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