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Despite immense progress in recent years, racial inequality persists on a global scale. The support of people who do not experience racial disadvantage (i.e., advantaged group members) is important for bringing momentum to social movements which advocate for racial justice and social change. For example, White people supporting People of Colour in the plight for racial equality. However, advantaged groups are not always willing to act in solidarity with disadvantaged groups. At the heart of my PhD is a practical aim: to identify under what conditions advantaged and disadvantaged groups may come together to act for social change.

My thesis is informed by the social identity approach to intergroup relations and proposes a novel, conceptual integration of the intergroup contact literature and values-based interaction literature.

Education/Academic qualification

Bachelor (Honours), Psychology, Flinders University

Mar 2019Dec 2022


  • BF Psychology
  • collective action
  • social identity theory
  • racial equality
  • solidarity
  • reconciliation
  • intergroup relations


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