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Tara Brabazon is the Professor of Cultural Studies at Flinders, Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (RSA) and Director of the Popular Culture Collective. She has worked in nine universities in four countries, holding research professorships in media, creative media, communication and education. She is the author of 20 books and over 250 refereed articles and book chapters, and is a columnist for the Times Higher Education. Her best known books include the Digital Hemlock trilogy (Digital Hemlock: internet education and the poisoning of teaching, The University of Google and Digital Dieting), Enabling University: (dis)ability, impairment and higher education, Thinking Popular Culture: war, writing and terrorism, Unique Urbanity: renewal, regeneration and decay, and From Revolution to Revelation: Generation X, popular memory, cultural studies.

Tara has won six teaching awards, including the National Teaching Award for the Humanities, along with other awards for disability education, cultural studies and doctoral supervision. In recognition of community engagement, Tara was a finalist for Australian of the Year and Telstra Businesswoman of the Year in 2005. An awarded speaker, she had delivered hundreds of speeches around the world to business leaders, professional organizations and community groups.

Her research interests include city imaging, creative industries, cultural studies, physical cultural studies, digitization and higher education studies. She is committed to ensuring that Flinders is an enabling university, aligning excellence with social justice in the higher degree programme.

Tara is an expert in - and active user of - social media. Please refer to her podcasts
YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/TaraBrabazon),
Twitter feed (@tarabrabazon),
Academia.edu profile(https://flindersclosingthegapprogram.academia.edu/TaraBrabazon),
LinkedIn profile (http://www.linkedin.com/in/tarabrabazon?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile) and Pinterest boards (https://www.pinterest.com/tarabrabazon/).

Research Interests

Tara's research interests cluster around cities and regional development, movement cultures, digitization and information literacy, and popular cultural studies. Tara has published and supervised in all these areas, publishing 19 monographs and over 200 refereed articles and book chapters in these fields.

RHD research supervision

Tara is an international expert in doctoral education and has conducted PhD surgeries for the Times Higher Education. Tara has supervised over 150 Doctoral and Masters theses to completion. She supervises an array of higher degree doctoral genres, including the creative-led doctorate, composed of an artefact and exegesis.  She is also a specialist in the PhD by Prior Publication.  

Completed Supervisions

Principal Supervisions:
  • "Antipodean popular cultural policy" Murdoch University (1)
  • "Beyond the digital diva: women@theworldwideweb" Murdoch University (1)
  • "Bitch" Murdoch University (1)
  • "City of god as community media" University of Brighton (1)
  • "Dark matters: the inevitability of the online community exile" University of Brighton (1)
  • "Got to get the executive look: the building of professional woman" Murdoch University (1)
  • "Governance and the World Wide Web" Murdoch University (1)
  • "Imag(in)ing Brighton" Photographic series and exegesis, University of Brighton (1)
  • "It's in the bin: finding and understanding dead popular culture" Photostory and exegesis, University of Brighton (1)
  • "Movement" Murdoch University (1)
  • "Music as a service not a product" University of Brighton (1)
  • "No comment: unravelling comment culture" University of Brighton (1)
  • "Once upon out times" Ficto-criticism, photostory and exegesis, University of Brighton (1)
  • "Oral history of dance culture" Sonic documentary and exegesis, University of Brighton (1)
  • "Popular queer studies" Murdoch University (1)
  • "Questions of Popular Cult(ure), Murdoch University (1)
  • "Rock 'n' roll cinema" Murdoch University (1)
  • "Social media as social reality: when the cult of the amateur becomes a culture of necessity" University of Brighton (1)
  • "Sonic interventions for political change" sonic artefacts and exegesis, University of Brighton (1)
  • "Static and Flux: Excess in the New Russian Television, Murdoch University (1)
  • "Supersizing fitness: putting the class back in exercise classes" Murdoch University (1)
  • "The interview as research and communication" Sonic documentary and exegesis, University of Brighton (1)
  • "The Lord of the Rings: the untold tale" Novella and exegesis, University of Brighton (1)
  • "The Night-time economy" Murdoch University (1)
  • "The subaltern can podcast: Podcasting in the Cameroon" sonic artefacts and exegesis, University of Brighton (1)
  • "Thinking on your feet" Murdoch University (1)
  • "Touring the imaginary: exoticism in sex tourism in Brazil" University of Brighton (1)
  • "Unplugged moments" Sonic installation and exegesis, University of Brighton (1)
  • "Walking down the road to Wigan Pier" Murdoch University (1)
  • "Women and Generation X film" Murdoch University (1)
  • Age 2.0: the age of the version number" University of Brighton (1)
  • Billy Bragg: mixing pop and politics" Murdoch University (1)
  • Exit Planet Face" Murdoch University (1)
  • Fashion cities: summoning a city imaging strategy through the commodification of clothing in urban environments" University of Brighton (1)
  • Maths education through neoliberalism" Charles Sturt University (1)
  • Public and Private Models for Broadcasting: the cases of Cyprus and Greece" University of Brighton (1)
  • Small nation media regulation: the case of Cyprus" University of Brighton (1)
  • The politics of memory, identity and affect in oral history: a case study" University of Brighton (1)
  • Trans-disciplinary design" University of Bolton (1)
  • What happens when your hard drive crashes, man? Dead vinyl and living memory', University of Brighton (1)
  • Witnessing death" University of Brighton and Murdoch University (1)
  • Women and Australian Rules Football" Murdoch University (1)
  • Young, mobile and backpacking" Murdoch University (1)

Education/Academic qualification

Diploma, Graduate Diploma in Gastronomic Tourism, Southern Cross University

Award Date: 24 Jun 2016

Master, Master of Education with First Class Honours (Passed with Distinction), University of New England

Award Date: 21 Dec 2006

Diploma, Graduate Diploma of Internet Studies (passed with distinction), Curtin University

Award Date: 21 Dec 2001

Bachelor, Bachelor of Education (passed with distinction), Central Queensland University

Award Date: 26 Jun 1998

Master, Master of Letters in Cultural Studies, Central Queensland University

Award Date: 30 Jun 1995

PhD, From Revolution to Revelation: Post-youth culture in Thatcher's Britain, Murdoch University

1993 → …

Award Date: 1 Jun 1995

Master of Arts, Framed Pretty Little Eloi: Framing the iconography of the Beatles, University of Western Australia

1991 → …

Award Date: 24 Dec 1992

Bachelor, Bachelor of Literature and Communication, Murdoch University

Award Date: 20 Nov 1992

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in History, University of Western Australia

Award Date: 6 Dec 1991

Master, Master of Leadership, Deakin University

2020 → …


  • Registered

Research Areas

  • Sociology

Supervisory Interests

  • Creative industries
  • City imaging
  • Regional development
  • Deterritorialization
  • Sport
  • Fitness
  • Physical cultural studies
  • Popular music
  • Quantified self
  • Food studies
  • Popular cultural studies
  • Fandom
  • Higher education studies
  • Information literacy
  • Online learning
  • Enabling university
  • Digitisation
  • Disintermediation
  • Media studies
  • Cultural studies
  • Communication studies
  • Urban regeneration
  • Wine studies
  • New media
  • Social media
  • Information management
  • Tourism studies
  • Screen cultures
  • Sonic media
  • Auditory cultures
  • Science fiction
  • Dr Who studies
  • Star Trek
  • Feminism
  • Men's studies
  • Postcolonialism
  • Education cities
  • University cities


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