Australian Postgraduate Award, Deakin University, AU. 2013-2014

Prize: Honorary award


Australian Postgraduate Award, Deakin University, AU. 2013-2014

The Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) was a scholarship, founded by the Australian Federal Government, designed to support postgraduate research training, which was awarded to students of "exceptional research potential".[1] The allocation each tertiary institution received was based in part on its overall research performance.

The grant of the award was very competitive and based on the student achieving a minimum of first class honours or equivalent.

In 2013 a full-time APA recipient received a stipend of A$24,653, and a part-time student A$12,326.[1] The scholarship was tax-free, and indexed annually. The stipend is provided for two years for a masters student, and three years for a PhD student, with a possibility of a six-month extension.

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Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsAustralian Government