College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching.



The Screen team demonstrates best practices in industry engagement for student learning and professional opportunities in the BCA (Screen) and BCI (Film and Television). Through deep partnerships with the SA screen industry, Screen staff create industry-focused educational experiences within and beyond our classrooms.
Citation and Description:
This is an outstanding example of teaching excellence. The team have developed learning experiences that draw upon and strengthen authentic and reciprocal relationships between Flinders staff, students and industry leaders. At the core of this project is a conceptualisation of job readiness that extends beyond simple skills development to supporting students to explore the possibilities of creative work and their potential roles and opportunities within the screen industry locally, nationally and internationally. The teaching team achieve this through working with community organisations over extended projects, inviting industry guests to topics and the unit meetings that are themselves role modelling industry expectations of collaboration, and linking students into professional networks. These activities are successful due to the typically invisible work of effective teaching, work that extends well beyond the student-teacher interactions into tending community and professional relationships. This is time-intensive and sometimes sensitive work, and it is heartening to see the rewards for students and the community arising from this effort. Screen’s approach is an example of best practice in working with industry, authentic learning and collegiality. The approach is replicable and situated within the relevant scholarship of teaching and learning.