24 Hours of Biodiversity in Adelaide's South Eastern Parklands

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Local residents Bronwin Patrickson and Matt Zonca guide you through 24 hours of sights, sounds, happenings, mishaps, and serendipitous encounters, all recorded in and around parks 16 (Victoria/Pakapankanthi) and 17 (Carriageway/Tuthangga) in the south eastern corner of Adelaide's parklands.

The city's wetlands precinct was created to help avert floods and manage stormwater drainage. Together with ongoing bush regeneration efforts in park 17, the surrounds are now developing as a new biodiversity centre within the city.

Put on your headphones and listen to the wealth of life in these parks.

At an average pace the total walk route should take roughly one hour. You can walk it all at once, or over a number of visits.

Audio recorded and produced by Bronwin Patrickson

Photos and night time fellowship supplied by Matt Zonca
Original languageEnglish
TypeOriginal Creaitve Work: Audio tour - creative output
Media of outputAudio/website
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jan 2023


  • Biodiversity
  • Adelaide parklands
  • Audio tours


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