A Novel Privacy Preservation and Quantification Methodology for Implementing Home-Care-Oriented Movement Analysis Systems

Pablo Aqueveque, Britam Gómez, Patricia A. H. Williams, Zheng Li

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Human movement is generally evaluated through both observations and clinical assessment scales to identify the state and deterioration of a patient’s motor control. Lately, technological systems for human motion analysis have been used in clinics to identify abnormal movement states, while they generally suffer from privacy challenges and concerns especially at home or in remote places. This paper presents a novel privacy preservation and quantification methodology that imitates the forgetting process of human memory to protect privacy in patient-centric healthcare. The privacy preservation principle of this methodology is to change the traditional data analytic routines into a distributed and disposable form (i.e., DnD) so as to naturally minimise the disclosure of patients’ health data. To help judge the efficacy of DnD-based privacy preservation, the researchers further developed a risk-driven privacy quantification framework to supplement the existing privacy quantification techniques. To facilitate validating the methodology, this research also involves a home-care-oriented movement analysis system that comprises a single inertial measurement sensor and a mobile application. The system can acquire personal information, raw data of movements and indexes to evaluate the risk of falls and gait at homes. Moreover, the researchers conducted a technological appreciation survey of 16 health professionals to help understand the perception of this research. The survey obtains positive feedback regarding the movement analysis system and the proposed methodology as suitable for home-care scenarios.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4677
Number of pages21
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jun 2022


  • gait analysis
  • inertial movement units
  • movement analysis
  • patient-centric healthcare
  • privacy preservation
  • privacy quantification
  • privacy risks
  • risk of falls


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