A Thermomechanical Enhanced Elastic Model: Bond Graph Approach

Amir Zanj, Fangpo He

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    Thermomechanical phenomena in control devices can be a source of inaccuracy. The resultant intangible dynamic behavior in pneumo-hydro-control devices in spacecraft propulsion systems has always been a challenging issue for the design of such devices. This indicates a physical gap between the conventional modelling strategies and the nature of thermoelastic phenomena. In the present study, to investigate the nature of the thermoelastic phenomena in spool valves, by implementing the Bond graph modelling approach, an enhanced thermomechanical-element governing equation is extracted. By means of the suggested BG model, the physics behind the dilation behavior and the temperature dependency of material stiffness is investigated. The obtained results demonstrate the ability of the proposed model to dynamically capture the thermomechanical phenomena, and indicate how these undesired dynamics can affect the performance of the system.

    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2016
    EventThe 23rd International Congress on Sound and Vibration -
    Duration: 10 Jul 2016 → …


    ConferenceThe 23rd International Congress on Sound and Vibration
    Period10/07/16 → …


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