A Trans-Inverse Magnetic Coupling Single-Phase AC-AC Converter

Soroush Esmaeili, Kasra Ghobadi, Hassan Zare, Mohsin Jamil, Ashraf Ali Khan, Amin Mahmoudi

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This paper introduces a new single-phase AC-AC converter based on an impedance source circuit. Like the existing single-phase impedance source AC-AC converters, it has the buck-boost ability and direct ac conversion. The input and output voltage possesses the same ground, and the phase angle is maintained and reversed smoothly. The presented converter utilizes a coupled transformer which allows the designer to exploit the transformer’s turns ratio as a variable to attain the desired output voltage. Additionally, the used transformer provides an option to obtain higher voltage gain by decreasing the turns ratio. Hence, smaller size of the coupled inductors is required for the higher voltage cases. To eliminate the switching voltage and current spikes on the power switches, a safe commutation strategy is used instead of utilizing snubber circuits. Furthermore, the input current is continuous and sinusoidal with low harmonics thanks to embedding the input inductor in series with the input source. Additionally, a dynamic voltage restorer is presented based on the proposed converter to compensate the voltage sag and swell faults. Simulation results are provided to evaluate the theoretical analysis. Finally, a laboratory prototype has been fabricated to demonstrate the validation of the presented converter.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4319
Number of pages25
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2 Jun 2022


  • AC-AC conversion
  • commutation strategy
  • magnetic coupling
  • trans-inverse converter


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