Adaptation of public health initiatives: expert views on current guidance and opportunities to advance their application and benefit

Sze Lin Yoong, Katarzyna Bolsewicz, Alice Grady, Rebecca Wyse, Rachel Sutherland, Rebecca Kate Hodder, Melanie Kingsland, Nicole Nathan, Sam McCrabb, Adrian Bauman, John Wiggers, Joanna Moullin, Bianca Albers, Maria E. Fernandez, Alix Hall, Joanie Sims-Gould, Natalie Taylor, Chris Rissel, Andrew Milat, Andrew BaileySamantha Batchelor, John Attia, Luke Wolfenden

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    While there is some guidance to support the adaptation of evidence-based public health interventions, little is known about adaptation in practice and how to best support public health practitioners in its operationalization. This qualitative study was undertaken with researchers, methodologists, policy makers and practitioners representing public health expert organizations and universities internationally to explore their views on available adaptation frameworks, elicit potential improvements to such guidance, and identify opportunities to improve implementation of public health initiatives. Participants attended a face to face workshop in Newcastle, Australia in October 2018 where World Café and focus group discussions using Appreciative Inquiry were undertaken. A number of limitations with current guidance were reported, including a lack of detail on 'how' to adapt, limited information on adaptation of implementation strategies and a number of structural issues related to the wording and ordering of elements within frameworks. A number of opportunities to advance the field was identified. Finally, a list of overarching principles that could be applied together with existing frameworks was generated and suggested to provide a practical way of supporting adaptation decisions in practice.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)243-257
    Number of pages15
    JournalHealth education research
    Issue number4
    Early online date6 Jul 2020
    Publication statusPublished - Aug 2020


    • public health initiative
    • evidence-based healthcare
    • public health practitioners
    • qualitative studies


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