Addressing clinician burnout: How can we build resilience in tomorrow's health professionals?

Amy Seymour-Walsh

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    The clinical impact of burnout is known to threaten patient care[1], but the personal impact is much more difficult to measure. In Victoria, Australia, employment as a paramedic/Ambulance clinician has been found to correlate to a four-fold higher suicide rate than the average population[2]. Both educational and health service organisations have a responsibility to equip and encourage student clinicians and staff to address this issue. We set out to determine the extent and effects of burnout in pre-hospital clinical medicine, and identify what strategies exist to manage this problem.
    We conducted a literature review to identify evidence relating to burnout and chronic stress in pre-hospital clinicians
    While there is an increasing prevalence of studies relating to burnout in medical practice, very few address the unique context and pressures of ambulance practice. Emergency physicians have been found to have the highest rates of burnout compared to other medical specialties in a recent study[3]. In the groups studied, Emergency physicians face the most similar work challenges to pre-hospital emergency health professionals. Mindfulness is presented as a strategy demonstrated to mitigate burnout in some clinical education settings.
    As tomorrow's clinicians are trained and supported to nourish their emotional resilience as a preventative tool against burnout, the personal and clinical impact is expected to lessen.

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    • burnout
    • Wellbeing
    • chronic stress


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