An Archaeogeomorphological Approach Applied in the Study of a Chalcolithic Civilization from North-eastern Romania

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    The theme approached in this paper is based on interdisciplinary information from disciplines such as geography
    (cartography, geology, geomorphology, climatology, and hydrology), history and biology. Interdisciplinary
    investigations were conducted in the Valea Oii watershed area of Romania, by teams that consisted of
    archaeologists and geographers. The aim was to map the Chalcolithic (5500–3000 BC) archaeological sites
    found in archaeological repertoires, and also to discover new ones. This interdisciplinary approach allowed the
    application of methods and techniques used in geography, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to
    archaeological research, and resulted in a detailed and shared database regarding the location of archaeological
    sites and the geographical background of those sites, especially the geological evolution and landforms (plateaus,
    cuestas, gullies, and landslides). Over time, humans, or human communities, moved and placed their settlements
    depending on changing natural factors—for example, climate fluctuations (colder periods alternated with warmer
    ones), the appearance of new hydrological resources like springs formed as a consequence of landslides, or
    the disappearance of forests as a consequence of overexploitation; combining archaeological and geographical
    information is important as the human-environment relationship is interdependent, with humans or human
    communities taking into account, with or without their will, the characteristics of the environment when settling
    an area.
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    JournalDigIt Journal of the Flinders Archaeological Society
    Publication statusPublished - May 2016

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    • Archaeology - Romania
    • geomorphology
    • Interdisciplinary investigations


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