Analysis of a community club coach developer project

Shane Pill, Deb Agnew, Liz Abery

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Background: Coaching is grounded in three knowledge components: professional, interpersonal and intrapersonal knowledge. Coach development research has shown that coaches value contextual, in situ, learning with mentors more highly than formal, mediated programs that are offered by sporting bodies, which often provide generic content.

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to present the findings of an evaluation of a Coach Developer Program that was implemented across 6 community sports clubs in the southern suburbs of South Australia. The program provided guidance to the clubs in the development of a designated Coach Developer role to support coaches and their practice.

Method: This study utilised pre and post program surveys that contained qualitative and quantitative questions. 2 club administrators, 3 coach developers and 29 coaches from the 6 clubs participated in an online pre-program survey, and 22 coaches and 2 coach developers participated in an online post-program survey.

Results: Some coaches believed their coaching was positively impacted on the introduction of a Coach Developer role within their club, and the coaching mentoring promoted as part of the Coach Developer Program, however, many were unsure if their coaching practice had been impacted. Therefore, the perceived usefulness of the role of a Coach Developer was considered equivocal in terms of the overall impact. However, when considering individual impact, the role was beneficial for focussing coach development and support.

Recommendation: Given the preference of coaches for in situ mentoring expressed in this project and the extant literature, we recommend that governing bodies and community clubs invest in purposeful in situ learning, such as the Coach Developer Program trialled in this study.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages16
JournalPhysical Education and Sport Pedagogy
Early online date25 Sept 2022
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 25 Sept 2022


  • Coach development
  • mentoring
  • impact evaluation
  • outcome evaluation
  • sport coaching


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