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This issue of Asiatic has seven sections. The first section is devoted to Syd Harrex (1935-2015), a prominent Australian poet and pioneer in New Literatures studies, who passed away at his Adelaide home peacefully on May 29. Syd was an exceptionally charismatic figure, with a sharp wit and Aussie sense of humour. His mind was inclusive and sensitive to all cultures, and when it came to making friend she was above all petty prejudices,which stood him apart from many of us. Syd was ever enthusiastic in the study of other cultures, especially the literature of the British Commonwealth, which he rebranded as New Literatures, and actively promoted through the Centre (CRNLE) he founded at Flinders University in 1977. He also launched a journal –CRNLE Reviews Journal–to carry out his mission, which published reviews of books from Asia and Africa that were totally neglected by mainstream readers of English literature at the time.In this way, he was instrumental in setting the foundations of what has now become a very popular subject of study, Postcolonial Literatures.
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JournalAsiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature
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Publication statusPublished - 3 Jul 2015
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  • Syd Harrex
  • Malay Literature


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