Australians and New Zealanders

Andrew Parkin

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    Australians and New Zealanders are treated together in this entry mainly for convenience, since published immigration statistics usually do not differentiate between the two countries. However, little distortion is introduced by the combination. Although New Zealand did not join the six British colonies that federated in 1901 to form the Commonwealth of Australia, and although the two countries remain independent sovereign nations with quite distinct national self-images, they have much in common. Most obviously, the populations of both countries are overwhelmingly of English, Irish, and Scottish background. Australia and New Zealand are noteworthy more as competitors for, than as providers of, immigrants to the United States.
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    Title of host publicationHarvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups
    EditorsStephan Thernstrom, Ann Orlov, Oscar Handlin
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    PublisherHarvard University Press
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