Benefits of structured engagement with target audiences of a health website: Study design for a multi-case study

Jennifer Tieman, Virginia Lewis

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Access to evidence and practice knowledge precedes use, but availability does not guaran-tee reach and uptake by intended audiences. The CareSearch project provides online palliative care evidence and information to support health and aged care professionals as well as patients, carers and families to make informed decisions about care at the end of life. Already established in the palliative care sector, CareSearch commenced planning to extend its reach, and ensure website use is maximised for different audiences. This paper reports on the development of the Engagement Framework which will be used to guide and deliver an Engagement Project which will actively seek feedback and insights from intended users in a structured process. The process for developing the Engagement Framework commenced with a literature review of approaches used in knowledge translation, implementation science, and social marketing. The Engagement Framework comprising eight steps was then developed. The Engagement Framework outlines the series of tasks to be undertaken by team members when working with three target groups (Aged Care; Allied Health; and Patients, Carers and Families). A process/formative evaluation collecting data using qualitative methods is also described for use in the subsequent Engagement Project. The evaluation will explore the experiences of project participants as well as staff implementing the engagement activities. The three target groups will enable a cross-case comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the approach. Planning, implementing and evaluating engagement with intended audiences, offers one mechanism to identify ways to increase interaction and integration with knowledge users.

Original languageEnglish
Article number600
Number of pages14
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 2021


  • Community engagement
  • Evaluation methods
  • Knowledge translation
  • Online health information
  • Palliative care
  • Website review


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