Biopolitische Betrachtungen zur Figur des Arztes in Nietzsches Philosophie

Translated title of the contribution: Biopolitical considerations on the figure of the physician in Nietzsche's philosophy

Vanessa Lemm

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Since Esposito at the latest, scientists have started to read Nietzsche as a pioneer of what Foucault called biopolitics. According to Esposito, Nietzsche had already "anticipated the entire course of biopolitics, which Foucault then defined and developed: From the centrality of the body as the origin and end of the socio-political dynamic to the fundamental role of struggles and war and the configuration of legal from institutional orders to the function of resistance as a necessary antipole to power practices ”. Biopolitical interpretations of Nietzsche are no longer focused on the analysis of Foucault's genealogy of punishment and its connection to Nietzsche's idea of ​​slave and master morality, as he puts it in his volume On Genealogy of Morality, but instead try biopolitical readings of Nietzsche's term to deliver the great politics. The following chapter is a supplement to the existing literature on Nietzsche and biopolitics. It is argued that Foucault's view of biopolitics sheds light on the different meanings and characteristics of the physician's figure in Nietzsche's philosophy.
Translated title of the contribution Biopolitical considerations on the figure of the physician in Nietzsche's philosophy
Original languageGerman
Title of host publicationNietzsche, Foucault und die Medizin
Subtitle of host publicationPhilosophische Impulse für die Medizinethik
EditorsOrsolya Friedrich, Diana Aurenque, Galia Assadi, Sebastian Schleidgen
Place of PublicationBielefeld, Germany
PublisherTranscript Verlag
Number of pages20
ISBN (Electronic)9783839428757
ISBN (Print)9783837628753
Publication statusPublished - 2016
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  • Biopolitics
  • Medical ethics
  • Philosophy
  • Medicine
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Michel Foucault


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