Block-Coordinate-Descent Adaptive Robust Operation of Industrial Multi-layout Energy hubs under Uncertainty

Mehrdad Aghamohamadi, Amin Mahmoudi, John K. Ward, Mojtaba Jabbari Ghadi, João P.S. Catalão

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This paper presents an adaptive robust optimization approach to optimal operation of multi-layout energy hubs under uncertainty. In the first step, the multi-layout energy hub concept is presented and discussed comprehensively followed by its required energy management model, but in the deterministic form. In the next step, an adaptive robust optimization approach is developed for the energy management model of multi-layout energy hubs. The uncertainties of energy hub load as well as upstream energy market prices are considered through bounded intervals using polyhedral uncertainty sets. The proposed adaptive-robust multi-layout EHS optimizer (ARMEO) is developed as a tri-level min-max-min optimization problem which cannot be solved directly. To do so, column-and-constraint (C&C) technique is used to recast the tri-level model into a "min" master problem and a "max-min" sub-problem. However, the "max-min" sub-problem is still a bi-level model and cannot be solved directly. To cope, block coordinate descent (BCD) methodology is applied to the sub-problem to iteratively solve the "max-min" sub-problem. An industrial-based case study is conducted to show the effectiveness of the proposed model in 1) managing multi-layout energy hubs, and 2) provide immunized operational solutions against uncertainties. Based on the results, it is observed that the ARMEO model is subject to a higher operation cost (compared to deterministic model), however, the obtained operating solutions are immunized against the uncertainties. Moreover, it has been shown that the proposed multi-layout EHS model can provide reasonable operating solutions for all layouts of the system as a whole.

Original languageEnglish
Article number108334
Number of pages12
JournalElectric Power Systems Research
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2022


  • Column-and-constraint
  • Energy hub
  • Hybrid system
  • Multi-energy system
  • Multi-layout systems
  • Robust optimization


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