Bridging knowledge translation theory and real-world practice: the development of an interdisciplinary, context-bound online learning module for clinicians

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Introduction/background:Knowledge Translation (KT) attempts to address the gap between what is known to work and what is done in practice. While clinicians are important stakeholders in KT for optimal patient care, KT’s complex theories and processes may present them with challenges. Clinicians interested in KT have indicated interest in free online learning modules. Aim/objectives:To identify existing high quality, free online KT training modules for clinicians. To develop a module if no resource meets our criteria.Methods We undertook a comprehensive review across four databases and the web (Google Advanced) using 9 KT synonyms. Resources were quality appraised (AACODs) if they proved interactive, educational in intent, and clinician-focused. Results:Of 971 unique websites retrieved, only one met all criteria. There were various online KT resources retrieved however, they required a certain level of prior knowledge or comprised links to non-integrated external resources. A learning module for palliative care clinicians was created based on the Knowledge-To-Action Cycle framework. This resource interprets and contextualises KT for real-world evidence implementation. Discussion Clinicians have few online opportunities to learn about KT. Existing resources assume prior knowledge, or fail to provide definitional clarity and instructional scaffolding. More resources are needed to bridge the gap between KT theory/research and the practical implementation of KT activities in healthcare settings. Conclusions:Clinicians require access to KT learning opportunities to learn skills necessary for driving patient care improvements. A free online learning module is now available that presents complex KT concepts and processes in a graduated, contextualised way.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventSustainability for Health Professions: ANZAHPE 2018 Conference - Hobart, Australia
Duration: 3 Jul 20184 Jul 2018


ConferenceSustainability for Health Professions: ANZAHPE 2018 Conference

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