Clinician perspectives of an avatar-directed scheduling and memory aid

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An avatar-directed scheduling and memory aid app (Anna CaresTM) was identified as a potential solution to scheduling difficulties in busy rehabilitation services. However, there are well documented difficulties with clinician acceptance and uptake of technology. This study investigated clinician perspectives of Anna Cares for use within two rehabilitation teams.
Material and Method

Two focus groups were conducted with sixteen clinicians from various disciplines working in two rehabilitation settings at a metropolitan hospital in Adelaide (SA, Australia). Focus groups aimed to explore, clinicians’ perceptions of acceptability and usefulness of the app, and their attitudes towards this type of technology in general. Clinicians also completed self-assessed technology proficiency, perceived usefulness, and perceived ease of use scales.

Clinicians described time constraints and the reliable scheduling of therapy sessions to be of significant importance, and they welcomed technology that could assist with this. They liked the concept of the avatar and found the app novel and fun. However, the preparation of the app for use with patients was problematic and time consuming. The more experienced clinicians found the app more difficult to use (r=.586, p=.027) and did not see the app as beneficial to their patients nor did the technology add value to delivery of care. There was a significant relationship between age and mean value for ease of use (r=.540, p=.046) but no significant relationship between age or experience, and the mean score for usefulness. Nor did there appear to be a relationship between self-assessed level of technology proficiency and either perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use.

Although clinicians appreciated the concept of an avatar-directed scheduling and memory aid, they did not see it as a useful tool in the provision of scheduling assistance in short-term rehabilitation services.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018
Event12th International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine World Congress 2018 - Paris, France
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Conference12th International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine World Congress 2018
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