Consultvoering bij breedsprakige patiënten: 10 tips

Esther Giroldi, Wemke Veldhuijzen, F Bareman, H Bueving, Trudy van der Weijden, Cees van der Vleuten, Jean Muris

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    Consultations with talkative patients present a challenge to doctors. It is difficult to gather all the necessary information within the available time, without damaging the doctorpatient relationship. Based on the listed existing literature and doctors' experiences, we present ten tips for gathering information from talkative patients in an effective manner whilst maintaining a good therapeutic alliance. In consultations with talkative patients, it is important to explore the cause of patients' talkativeness and to adapt one's communication approach accordingly. Familiar communication strategies such as 'summarizing' can still be applied. When taking this route, a more directive communication approach - e.g. by means of a 'closedended summary' - can prevent the patient interrupting the doctor or departing from his subject. There are strategies aimed at avoiding a damaging effect to the doctorpatient relationship when applying this approach: don't be overly directive, make the patient coresponsible for efficient time management in the consultation, and make use of empathic interrupting and humour.

    Original languageDutch
    Article numberD184
    Pages (from-to)Art: D184
    Number of pages4
    Issue number20
    Publication statusPublished - 2016

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