DC-DC High-Step-Up Quasi-Resonant Converter to Drive Acoustic Transmitters

Emad Roshandel, Amin Mahmoudi, Solmaz Kahourzade, Hamid Davazdah-Emami

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This paper proposes a quasi-resonant step-up DC-DC converter to provide the DC-link voltage for piezoelectric transmitters (PZETs). The resonance not only provides a soft-switching condition for the converter switches, but also helps to decrease the converter element sizes for marine applications. Operation modes of the proposed converter are discussed. The current and voltage of the converter components are derived analytically, and hence the converter gain is obtained. The performance of the proposed high-step-up, high-power density converter is examined through a comprehensive simulation study. The simulation results demonstrate the soft-switching operation and short transient time required for the converter to reach the reference output voltage. The converter output voltage remains unchanged when an inverter with a passive filter is placed at its output while supplying the PZET. The proposed DC-DC converter is prototyped to validate the converter gain and soft-switching operation experimentally. The converter gain and soft-switching results in simulation are well matched with those of the experimental tests. The converter efficiency in three different switching frequencies is obtained experimentally. The power density of the proposed topology is determined via the designing of a printed circuit board. The experimental results demonstrate the appropriate gain and efficiency of the converter in the tested power range.

Original languageEnglish
Article number5745
Number of pages20
Issue number15
Publication statusPublished - 8 Aug 2022


  • acoustic transmitters
  • DC-DC power supply
  • high power density converter
  • high power step-up converter
  • PIEZO-electric drive
  • PIEZO-electric transmitters
  • resonant converter


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