Designing Games for Learning English as a Second Language

Ali Altalbe, Brett Wilkinson

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    This paper describes the various techniques used in teaching in the form of games and presents an approach for teaching English as a second language by means of games. A detailed study of existing game is carried out to make English learning by means of games effective and fruitful. The wide technology spread of the gaming industry and its effect on teaching is an amalgamation of all the various games developed on the varied platforms. A detailed study of a several of these games spread over various technological platforms is carried out. Games ranging from cellular devices such as iOS, Android; to desktop computers, web-based games, and games designed for dedicated gaming consoles such as XBOX, Sony Play Station and many more; are all taken into consideration as part of this study. A part of the study also shows how technology facilitates better learning and makes these games more effective. The design of games in accordance with inherent capabilities of the device on which they execute, and the importance of appropriate and extensive use of device features is also presented. Well designed games that are mapped to the requirements of the course, and which make use of the technological advanced are observed to be effective teaching tools as compared to classroom teaching strategies. Schools and Universities all across the globe, including but not limited to UK, Japan and many more; are as an experiment employing games as teaching tools in their regular curriculum. The findings of a few surveys carried out in these schools, stand in support of the new techniques of teaching employed. With advancing technology and the need to deliver better, faster and enjoyable courseware, games are the future of the education industry.

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    Publication statusPublished - 12 Jul 2013
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