Electron-impact electronic-state excitation of para-benzoquinone

D Jones, R da Costa, F. Kossoski, M Varella, Marcio Bettega, F Ferreira da Silva, P Limao-Vieira, G Garcia, M Lima, R D White, M Brunger

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Angle resolved electron energy loss spectra (EELS) for para-benzoquinone (C6H4O2) have been recorded for incident electron energies of 20, 30, and 40 eV. Measured differential cross sections (DCSs) for electronic band features, composed of a combination of energetically unresolved electronic states, are subsequently derived from those EELS. Where possible, the obtained DCSs are compared with those calculated using the Schwinger multichannel method with pseudopotentials. These calculations were performed using a minimum orbital basis single configuration interaction framework at the static exchange plus polarisation level. Here, quite reasonable agreement between the experimental cross sections and the theoretical cross sections for the summation of unresolved states was observed.

Original languageEnglish
Article number124312
Number of pages11
JournalJournal of Chemical Physics
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 28 Mar 2018


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