Engagement with life in older adulthood: Barriers, facilitators, and intervention: Barriers, facilitators, and intervention

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Introduction and background
Ongoing engagement in purposeful and meaningful activity is recognised as a critical aspect of aging well by both researchers, and older adults themselves. Therefore, it is important to have a thorough understanding of how older adults can best maintain such engagement, and how this may be best supported by service providers and policy makers.

This symposium explores key issues related to late life activity engagement by focusing on (1) factors that promote, or inhibit activity engagement within and outside formal activity programs, (2) the impact of psychological characteristics on activity engagement, (3) implications of activity engagement for cognitive health, and (3) the feasibility and initial efficacy of a person-centred approach to promoting meaningful activity engagement that is tailored to individual’s needs and values.

Overview of activities
This symposium will include five short presentations highlighting research that makes use of different samples and methodological approaches. The first presentation will discuss findings from a qualitative study that has drawn on the experiences of older adults to identify ‘key ingredients’ in effective activity programs. The second will explore barriers and facilitators of engagement as identified through a community survey. The third will present the results of a pilot intervention study that aims to increase meaningful activity in older adults. The fourth will present the results of an online survey that explored the relationship between beliefs about one’s own ageing and activity engagement. The final presentation will use 13-year longitudinal data to investigate social engagement as a predictor of executive functioning in older adults.

Expected learning outcomes for audience members
Attendees will have an increased understanding of the characteristics of individuals and their broader life contexts that contribute to engagement with life. Together, the symposium presentations will identify promising directions for promoting late life engagement
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Publication statusPublished - 2020
Event53rd AAG Conference: A Climate for Change in Ageing: A Climate for Change in Ageing Digital Event - Online
Duration: 18 Nov 202020 Nov 2020
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Conference53rd AAG Conference: A Climate for Change in Ageing
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