Environmentally friendly behaviors and commuting patterns among tertiary students: the case of University of Tehran, Iran

Mousa Pazhuhan, Ali Soltani, Mostafa Ghadami, Saeed Zanganeh Shahraki, Luca Salvati

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The environmentally friendly behaviors (EFBs) play a conspicuous role achieving sustainable development due to encouraging citizens using green transportation modes. Assessing EFB among university students is one of the little-known subjects and important research area since they are not only likely to have leading roles in the future society, but also are potentially influential actors in encouraging policy makers to develop the green transportation infrastructure. The present study illustrates the empirical results of a survey of commuting behaviors and the degree of environmental awareness in a target community of students in a campus (Pardis) of University of Tehran, Iran. This paper aims to investigate linkage between students’ environmental attitudes and their commuting patterns to the campus. The research method strategy is quantitative and questionnaire, and statistical analysis are deployed to assess the environmental awareness on travel behavior among postgraduate students of the university. Despite a high reliance on the use of public transport, empirical results document a relatively low level of EFB. These findings suggest how national policies should promote a higher level of environmental awareness in university students, stimulating a more environmentally sustainable performance of local systems. Surveyed students in Pardis campus recommended provision of a better functioning public transportation system, including a sharing-bike scheme as an alternative to private transportation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)7435-7454
Number of pages20
JournalEnvironment, Development and Sustainability
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 2022
Externally publishedYes


  • Environmentally friendly behavior
  • Higher education
  • Middle East
  • Statistical analysis
  • Sustainable commuting
  • University of Tehran


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