Evaluation of the Swedish adjustable gastric band VC (SAGB-VC) in an Australian population: early results

Jennifer Keogh, Anthony Brancatisano, Sue Taylor, Fiona McDonald, Roy Brancatisano, Jeffrey Hamdorf, Jacob Chisholm, Lilian Kow, Sara Wahlroos, Brendan Ryan, James Toouli

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    Background: The Swedish adjustable gastric band VC (SAGB-VC) has been in use in Australia since 2007. We evaluated its efficacy and safety. Methods: We retrospectively analyzed the prospective clinical data of patients who received the implant between November 2007 and June 2009 at 3 Australian bariatric centres. Results: In all, 1176 patients (mean age 45.9 [standard deviation (SD) 12.3] yr, mean body mass index 43.4 [SD 7.6]) received the SAGB-VC. At a mean follow-up of 11 (SD 3) months, weight reduced by a mean of 18.4 (SD 11.1) kg with an excess weight loss of 37.8% (SD 19.9%). Body mass index decreased (from mean 43.4 [SD 7.7] to mean 36.7 [SD 6.5], p < 0.001). Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) was reported in 167 patients and hypertension in 373. Improvement occurred in 73.5% of patients with T2DM and 31% with hypertension, with patient-reported reduction or cessation of medication. Metabolic syndrome indices improved during follow-up: high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (mean 1.3 [SD 0.3] v. mean 1.4 [SD 0.3] mmol/L, p < 0.001), triglycerides (mean 1.6 [SD 0.8] v. mean 1.3 [SD 0.7] mmol/L, p < 0.001), waist circumference (men 141 [SD 103] to 121 [SD 15] cm, women 117 [SD 14] to 105 [SD 14] cm, both p < 0.001), C-reactive protein (90.5 [SD 75.2] v. 53.3 [SD 61.9] nmol/L, p < 0.001). The complication rate was 4.2%. Conclusion: The SAGB-VC is safe and effective for treating obesity and its comorbidities. The results are reproducible in separate Australian centres and consistent with published literature.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)15-20
    Number of pages6
    JournalCanadian Journal of Surgery
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - Feb 2013


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