Experimental and Numerical Calculation Study on the Slope Stability of the Yellow River Floodplain from Wantan Town to Liuyuankou

Hao Wang, Qing Hu, Weiwei Liu, Liqun Ma, Zhiying Lv, Hongyu Qin, Jianbo Guo

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More than two million people live on the floodplains along the middle and lower streams of the Yellow River. The rapid development of industry and agriculture on both sides of the Yellow River has caused serious pollution of the floodplain soil. Erosion by water has led to the destruction of the floodplain which has not only compressed people’s living space but also resulted in a large amount of sediment containing heavy metals entering the river, aggravating water pollution. To further study the law governing the release of pollutants in soil, this work, based on field surveys of the Yellow River floodplain slopes from Wantan town to Liuyuankou, was focused on determining the failure mechanism and laws for the floodplain slope through the combination of a flume experiment and numerical calculations. The results showed that the floodplain slopes, composed of clay and silty sand, presented an interactive structure. Under the action of water erosion, the slope was first scoured to form a curved, suspended layer structure, and then the upper suspended layer toppled. The bank stability coefficient decreased by about 65% when the scour width increased from 0.07 m to 0.42 m, and the water content increased from 20% to 40%. For the failure characteristics, the angle of the failure surface was negatively correlated with the scour width, and the distance from the top failure surface to the bank edge was about 2.5 times that of the scour width.
Original languageEnglish
Article number79
Number of pages16
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 14 Jan 2023


  • floodplain
  • slope
  • scour
  • flume experiment
  • numerical calculation


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