Health professions educators in a complex system: a conceptual model

Adrian Schoo, Koshila Kumar

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    Introduction/background: Health systems are becoming more complex. Reasons include medical and technical advancement, changing populations and related health needs, specialisation, political drivers and limited resources. Health educators face the challenge to prepare students and staff to work and lead in a way that best serves client-centred care and best practice in a dynamic and complex health services environment.
    Aim/objectives: To outline a conceptual model that situates the clinical educator at the centre of a complex and dynamic system spanning four domains and multiple levels to assist health professionals in understanding and preparing for their leading role in contemporary complex systems.
    Discussion: They work in environments is becoming increasingly complex and include a number of stakeholders who may have competing interests. Consequently, clinical educators may encounter bureaucracy, high clinical workloads, competing health services, poor organisational support for work-integrated-learning and interprofessional learning, challenging staff or students, competing agendas and timetables, geographic isolation, and limited professional development and career opportunities. Hence, it has been argued that there is a need to go beyond the acquisition of knowledge and clinical skills alone in order to prepare health professionals for their role in systems that are becoming increasingly complex. As such, health professionals can be encouraged to understand and analyse the complexity within which they work, and identify opportunities to optimise impact by utilising a micro-meso-macro level framework and by recognizing stakeholders and four different domains.
    Issues/questions for exploration or ideas for discussion:
    How this model can enhance sustainability, or contribute to sustainable ways to prepare health professionals for their complex roles.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages2
    Publication statusPublished - 2018
    EventANZAHPE 2018: Sustainability for Health Professions Education - Hobart, Australia
    Duration: 1 Jul 20184 Jul 2018


    ConferenceANZAHPE 2018


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