Investigation of the effectiveness of brief interventions to reduce alcohol consumption following traumatic brain injury

Laura Tweedly, Jennie Ponsford, Nicole Lee

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    OBJECTIVE:: To examine the relative effectiveness of brief interventions comprising an information booklet with and without a brief motivational interview and an informal discussion in reducing alcohol use following traumatic brain injury. PARTICIPANTS:: Sample of 60 participants with traumatic brain injury (mean age = 35 years) with preinjury history of alcohol use. RESEARCH DESIGN:: Randomized controlled trial, using block randomization, stratified for gender. METHODS AND PROCEDURES:: Following collection of demographic information and alcohol consumption data using the Time Line Follow-Back, participants were randomly allocated to 1 of 3 groups (informal discussion, information only, or motivational interview) and given appropriate treatment. Follow-up assessments were completed by an independent researcher 6 months later. RESULTS:: Nonparametric significance testing was used to compare differences in frequency and quantity of alcohol consumption at preintervention (6-9 months postinjury) and follow-up (12-15 months postinjury) sessions. There was a positive trend showing participants in both the intervention groups to be drinking less frequently and consuming fewer alcoholic drinks than those in the informal discussion (control) group. However, group differences did not reach statistical significance. CONCLUSIONS:: Further randomized controlled trials with larger samples are needed to establish whether brief educational and motivational interview interventions targeting alcohol use are efficacious in the traumatic brain injury population.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)331-341
    Number of pages11
    Issue number5
    Publication statusPublished - Sep 2012


    • alcohol
    • brain injury
    • closed head injury
    • intervention study
    • randomized controlled trial
    • substance use
    • treatment outcome


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