Key Note Humanitus: What is Person-Centred Fundamental Care and how do we do it?

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Despite the significant investment in time and resources in strengthening the academic base of nursing, there still exists a lack of agreement about the nature of basic or fundamental nursing care; how it is delivered; and what the role of the qualified nurse is in that activity. This is a global phenomenon.

Materials and Methods

Inductively derived statements from expert nurses from a variety of clinical, cultural and academic settings were used to generate a conceptual framework (called the Fundamentals of Care Framework) [1].


Person-Centered Fundamental Care (PCFC) (the goal) is achieved by (the nurse) utilizing the Practice Process (PP) [2] which is shaped by three major dimensions: the nature of the relationship between the nurse and the patient (R) [3,4]; how the fundamentals of care are integrated across the patient’s physical, psychosocial and relational needs and their position on the dependence-independence continuum (I-FOC) [5,6]; and how the context or environment where care happens is conducive to optimize outcomes (C). The resultant theoretical formula can be presented as PCFC = PP (R + I-FOC + C) [7].


This theory informing point-of-care interaction between the nurse and the patient around fundamental care has growing face validity. It requires further testing in multiple practice settings before its effectiveness in improving fundamental care can be claimed.
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