Making Change Sustainable: Network for Integrating Bioinformatics into Life Sciences Education (NIBLSE) Meeting Review

Inimary Toby, Jason Williams, Guoqing Lu, Chao Cai, Keith A. Crandall, Elizabeth A. Dinsdale, Jennifer Drew, Nicholas P. Edgington, Carlos C. Goller, Neal F. Grandgenett, Barry J. Grant, Charles Hauser, Keith A. Johnson, Christopher J. Jones, Nathaniel K. Jue, John R. Jungck, Jacob Kerby, Adam J. Kleinschmit, Kathryn G. Miller, William R. MorganBarbara Murdoch, George Noutsios, Janelle Nunez-Castilla, Mark Pauley, William R. Pearson, Sabrina D. Robertson, Srebrenka Robic, Anne Rosenwald, Yee Mey Seah, Marcia Shofner, Michael Sierk, Jessica Siltberg-Liberles, Todd Smith, Naomi A. Stover, William Tapprich, Eric W. Triplett, Elizabeth F. Ryder

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The purpose of the meeting described in this review was to decide how best to ensure the sustainability of the Network for Integrating Bioinformatics into Life Science Education (NIBLSE; pronounced “nibbles”). Biology research today generates large and complex datasets, and the analysis of these datasets is becoming increasingly critical to progress in the field. The long-term goal of NIBLSE is to address this need and achieve the full integration of bioinformatics into undergraduate life sciences education. Meeting participants supported several next steps for NIBLSE, including further development and dissemination of bioinformatics learning resources through our novel incubators and Faculty Mentoring Networks, vigorously pursuing assessment strategies for our learning resources, connecting learning resources with open educational resource (OER) textbooks, learning more about barriers to bioinformatics implementation for underrepresented groups, and developing future workshops and meetings. About half the participants at the meeting were newcomers to NIBLSE, a positive sign for the future. NIBLSE has many exciting opportunities available, and we welcome life science educators with any level of bioinformatics expertise as new members.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 17 Jul 2022


  • sustainability
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  • incubator
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