MicroRNA-194 promotes prostate cancer metastasis by inhibiting SOCS2

Rajdeep Das, Philip A. Gregory, Rayzel C. Fernandes, Iza Denis, Qingqing Wang, Scott L. Townley, Shuang G. Zhao, Adrienne R. Hanson, Marie A. Pickering, Heather K. Armstrong, Noor A. Lokman, Esmaeil Ebrahimie, Elai Davicioni, Robert B. Jenkins, R. Jeffrey Karnes, Ashley E. Ross, Robert B. Den, Eric A. Klein, Kim N. Chi, Hayley S. RamshawElizabeth D. Williams, Amina Zoubeidi, Gregory J. Goodall, Felix Y. Feng, Lisa M. Butler, Wayne D. Tilley, Luke A. Selth

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