Model Test and Numerical Simulation of Single Pile Response under Combined Loading in Slope

Jianwei Zhang, Xiaoju Wang, Hao Wang, Hongyu Qin

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Vertical loads are commonly transferred by piles primarily in the upper structures. However, lateral loads are also significant compared with vertical loads in pile foundation design. Compared with a pile on level ground, there are many particular characteristics in a pile that is on sloping ground. These characteristics depend on the combined loading and the magnitude of the soil lateral displacement. In order to investigate the pile's bearing characteristics, a model test was conducted and ABAQUS software was adopted to conduct 3D numerical simulation of a single pile with different slope angles under combined loads. The experimental results indicated that (1) the soil pressure along the slope direction was smaller than the other side, resulting in an asymmetry of the slope soil around the pile, and in turn introducing a horizontal thrust to the pile; (2) with the increase of slope angle, the horizontal thrust increased while the single pile's bearing capacity decreased; (3) the vertical load caused more pile horizontal displacement with the growth of slope angle; and (4) the pile's moment and the displacement also increased with the growth of the slope angle. The findings in this study can provide a useful reference in the design of piles or anti-slide piles in sloping ground.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6140
Number of pages12
JournalApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
Issue number17
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2020


  • Bearing capacity
  • Combined loadings
  • FEM simulation
  • Model test


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