Open access for publication - Can it be chosen?

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    Open access (OA) is the unrestricted online accessibility of articles published in scholarly journals to readers and libraries.
    Currently, available models of OA include immediate OA and delayed or hybrid access.
    The three principal charges associated with OA are submission/publication charge, fixed-price scheme and variable price scheme.
    Authors from developing countries included under the broad banner of the Research4Life initiative or countries classified by the World Bank as low-income economies or lower-middle-income economies may be automatically granted a waiver of fees linked to OA.
    Authors incapable of financing their OA publication have the option to seek a waiver of article processing charges from the editorial team before submission. The grant of such a waiver is at the discretion of the journal.
    Copyright ownership in OA journals may be either based on the application of a Creative Commons Attribution licence, which gives the author the right to use their own work (without plagiarism), or the US Fair Use guidelines, Title 17, section 107, US Code.
    Authors must be aware of predatory publishers OA journals wherein the publishers of such journals are solely after the economic gains associated with publishing with no regard for science or its advancement.
    Authors must be aware of the laws linked to self-archiving before making their publications available on their personal websites or websites facilitating authors making the PDFs of their publications available online.
    The gap in the scientific impact of OA as opposed to traditional non-OA journals is steadily being narrowed.
    The choice to publish in an OA or non-OA journal remains the prerogative of the researcher depending on the availability of funds to pay the fees associated with OA as well as what the author desires from the publication.
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