Peak Corbyn? Why Labour civil war will run and run despite unity pledge

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Are we close to reaching peak Corbyn? On the one hand, he has a crushing personal mandate after his emphatic win in the Labour leadership election. That gives him the clear authority to move forward and transform Labour into the campaigning social movement he wants it to be. On the other, a number of bitterly contested procedural fixes by the party machine – working through the Conference Arrangements Committee – have prevented Corbyn and his allies from using what they hoped would be a clear majority on the National Executive Committee to enact the rule changes that would have allowed him to do so.

At present Corbyn’s transformational legacy is not secure and the power struggle within the party remains unresolved. An early election is still a possibility and Labour is polling extremely badly. It may turn out that the 2016 party conference in Liverpool was a once-in-a-generation chance that was fluffed by Corbyn and the Labour left.
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