PROLIFERATE: An Adaptable Framework to Evaluate Participatory Research Products

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Participatory research (PR) – the practice of involving stakeholders in research processes – is growing in prominence in health research because it can enhance the impact of research and the translation of research-based knowledge. Yet, the literature indicates that the products of PR studies are rarely evaluated empirically to track, demonstrate, and expand their claimed effectiveness and impact. This lack of measurement tools and frameworks can limit the effectiveness of knowledge translation (KT).


We introduce a framework for evaluating the products of PR called PROLIFERATE. We use an inductive combination of formative and summative evaluation methods to pilot test the framework on a Frailty PR communication product (a video) to determine the methods’ functionality.


PROLIFERATE demonstrates adeptness for evaluating barriers and enablers of PR product uptake, effectiveness, and impact. It can identify ways to address barriers by assessing knowledge user perspectives on the comprehensibility of the product, emotional resonance, motivation to change, and future accessibility.


PROLIFERATE can enable longitudinal and cross-sectional measurement of PR products in implementation and integrated KT efforts. It can evaluate and track the effectiveness and impact of different types of PR products in a situational responsive manner which compares users, platforms, and other factors in a replicable way.

Evaluation, health research, participatory research, impact measurement, knowledge translation metrics, implementation, video evaluation
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages20
JournalImplementation Science
Publication statusSubmitted - Jan 2021

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