Questions for those who protest too much

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Serious moral reflection about [Bill Henson]'s images might seem to some to suggest that the matter is complex. But in one respect, which shines out in [David Marr]'s correspondence with N's family, the matter is simple: that the way N's family was treated by those who claim to be defending children was quite appalling. Not only was Henson's image of their daughter revolting to our Prime Minister, the family had, he implied, somehow put her childhood innocence at risk. And what were these comments really about in the end? An image that has been rated PG by the Government's classification board, which is made up of members of the public. One might have hoped that someone with such a high regard for family values might show more regard for this family and its values.
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Specialist publicationThe Australian
Publication statusPublished - 5 Nov 2008


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