Service quality perceptions of solely loyal customers

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Having more solely loyal customers (those who only use one supplier) is an aspiration for most service providers. Yet, it is unclear whether, or in what way, solely loyal customers differ from customers whose loyalty is divided between more than one service provider. One loyalty indicator is a consumer's evaluation of the quality of service they receive. Using seven sets of cross-sectional data, this research reveals that solely loyal customers give, on average, approximately 10% more positive service quality evaluations than customers of the same provider who also use other providers. The implication of this finding for market researchers and practitioners is that service quality scores could be moderated by the distribution of solely loyal and multiple-provider users in a given sample. Therefore, every service quality survey should measure how many providers a customer uses and control for the proportion of solely loyal customers when tracking change using cross-sectional samples.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2011
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