Simulation guided hand-driven portable triboelectric nanogenerator: Design, optimisation, and evaluation

Yunzhong Wang, Anh Tran Tam Pham, Damian Tohl, Youhong Tang

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Inspired by the fundamental mechanics of an ancient whirligig (or buzzer toy; 3300 BC), a hand-driven rotational triboelectric nanogenerator (HDR-TENG) was designed and optimised, guided by our recently reported mathematical modelling. This modelling indicates that the power generated by HDR-TENG is a function of the number of segments, rotational speed, and tribo-surface spacing with different weighting sensitivities. Based on the simulation results, additive manufacturing technology was combined with commercially available components to cost-effectively fabricate the HDR-TENG. The fabricated HDR-TENG can provide stable and adjustable rotational speed up to 15,000 rpm with a linear hand stretching. The output voltage of HDR-TENG maintains a constant value within 50,000 cycles of testing when using Nylon 66 and PTFE as the triboelectric material. It can charge a 47 µF capacitor to 2.2 V in one minute. This study provides a cost-effective portable HDR-TENG device with adjustable high rotational speed, high power output, and long durable life, creating opportunities to provide a power supply for point-of-care devices in remote or resource-poor settings and applications in science and engineering education.

Original languageEnglish
Article number955
Number of pages12
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2021


  • Capacitor charge
  • Durability
  • Hand driven
  • Rotational triboelectric nanogenerator
  • Simulation guidance


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