(South magnetic pole)

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By 1945 the famed Antarctic navigator John King Davis had been friends with Russell Grimwade for many years. He had sent various gifts to Russell and had even provided the exact magnetic deviation for the Grimwades' farm, Westerfield, in 1935- flattering Russell's apparent need 'to know exactly where he was'. At Christmas 1945 Davis sent Russell and Mab another meaningful magnetic memento: a photograph of the first people to reach the south magnetic pole, the Australians T. W. Edgeworth David and Douglas Mawson, and the Scot Alistair Forbes Mackay, members of Ernest Shackleton's British Antarctic Expedition of 1907-09. Although young and only a very junior mate at the time, Davis had also been on this expedition as first officer of the Nimrod.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPride of Place
Subtitle of host publicationExploring the Grimwade Collection
EditorsAlisa Bunbury
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  • Antarctica
  • Antarctic exploration
  • Antarctic expeditions
  • John King Davis
  • Russell Grimwade
  • T. W. Edgeworth David
  • Douglas Mawson
  • Alistair Forbes Mackay
  • Ernest Shackleton
  • British Antarctic Expedition of 1907-09


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