Stable Tertiary Phosphine Adducts of Alane

Frederick R. Bennett, Fiona M. Elms, Michael G. Gardiner, George A. Koutsantonis, Colin L. Raston, Nicholas K. Roberts

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Treatment of LiAlH4/OEt2 solutions with bulky trialkylphosphine hydrochloride salts or phosphine and then ethereal HCl yields thermally stable phosphine-alane adducts, viz. [H3Al·P(C6H11)3] (10), (H3Al)n·(PPr12CH2)2 (n = 1 (11), 2 (12)), and [(H3Al)2·{P(C6H11)2CH2}2] (13), which have been shown to be four-coordinate (10 and 13, Al-P = 2.467 (1), 2.460 (2) Å) or polymeric (13) with trigonal-bipyramidal aluminum centers (P apical) with exceptionally long Al-P bonds (2.732 Å (mean)). Ab initio calculations on the model species H3Al·PH3 (Al-P = 2.605 Å) give a stabilization energy of 13.2 kcal/mol relative to AlH3 and PH3, and dimerization to dialane, H2Al(μ-H)2AlH2, and PH3 is favored by 5.84 kcal/mol.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1457-1459
Number of pages3
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 1992
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