Strategic Army: Developing Trust in the Shifting Strategic Landscape

Emily Bienvenue, Zachary Rogers

Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationFeatured article


While the nature of war remains a battle of political wills, discontinuous change in the strategic landscape is constantly changing the way in which warfare is conducted. Expedited by the speed and scope of technological change, the age of information warfare is well upon us. While the impact of technological change on operational and strategic maneuverability in the physical battlespace is comparatively well understood, the impact of complex interwoven technological and social trends on the nature of conflict and the threat posed to the rules-based global order are less so. Here, Bienvenue and Rogers discuss the nature of change in the operating environment and assert that trust, characterized by its relational nature, is the connective tissue that provides legitimacy and authority to the promise and functionality of openness and rule-making.


  • Maneuverability
  • Information warfare
  • Connective tissues


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