STS/SCA/AmSECT/SABM Update to the Clinical Practice Guidelines on Patient Blood Management

Pierre Tibi, R. Scott McClure, Jiapeng Huang, Robert A. Baker, David Fitzgerald, C. David Mazer, Marc Stone, Danny Chu, Alfred H. Stammers, Tim Dickinson, Linda Shore-Lesserson, Victor Ferraris, Scott Firestone, Kalie Kissoon, Susan Moffatt-Bruce

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Owing to the constantly evolving nature of the medical literature, the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) clinical practice guidelines periodically undergoes evaluation and updating. A multidisciplinary panel of experts was convened by the STS, which includes members of the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (SCA), the American Society of ExtraCorporeal Technology (AmSECT), and the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM), to review the latest data on patient blood management and to update the 2011 Update to the STS and the SCA Blood Conservation Clinical Practice Guidelines.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)97-124
Number of pages28
JournalThe journal of extra-corporeal technology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2021


  • medical literature
  • Thoracic Surgeons
  • clinical practice
  • guidelines
  • Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists
  • Blood Management


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