Subarachnoid Extension of Intracerebral Hemorrhage and 90-Day Outcomes in INTERACT2

Guofang Chen, Hisatomi Arima, Guojun Wu, Emma Heeley, Candice Delcourt, Peiying Zhang, Alejandro Rabinstein, Thompson Robinson, Christian Stapf, Yining Huang, Lili Song, Jie Yang, Xia Wang, Qiang Li, Xiaoying Chen, John Chalmers, Craig Anderson, INTERACT2 Investigators

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    Background and Purpose-The prognostic significance of subarachnoid extension of intracerebral hemorrhage was determined in the INTEnsive blood pressure Reduction in Acute Cerebral hemorrhage Trial (INTERACT2) study. Methods-INTERACT2 was an open randomized controlled trial of early intensive compared with guideline-recommended blood pressure lowering in patients with elevated systolic blood pressure within 6 hours of intracerebral hemorrhage. Independent predictors of death or major disability (scores 3-6 on the modified Rankin Scale) at 90 days were analyzed in logistic regression models. Results-Of 2582 participants, 192 (7%) had subarachnoid extension, which was associated with larger hematoma volumes (P>0.0001) and higher National Institute of Health Stroke Scale score (P>0.0001). Subarachnoid extension predicted death or major disability at 90 days (71% versus 53%; unadjusted odds ratio, 2.25; 95% confidence interval, 1.63-3.10; P>0.0001). The association remained significant after adjusting for age, region, lipid-lowering therapy, systolic blood pressure, glucose, location of hematoma, intraventricular extension, and randomized treatment (odds ratio, 2.17; 95% confidence interval, 1.50-3.14; P>0.0001), but not after further adjustment for baseline hematoma volume (P=0.62). Conclusions-Subarachnoid extension of intracerebral hemorrhage is associated with poor prognosis, which is determined by a larger volume of the underlying intraparenchymal hematoma. Clinical Trial Registration-URL: Unique identifier: NCT00716079.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)258-260
    Number of pages3
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - Jan 2014


    • Assessment
    • Cerebral hemorrhage
    • Clinical trial
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