Technology Innovation Leadership in Development: A "Middle East" (West Asia) Perspective

Giselle Rampersad, Feiziya Patel

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    'Middle East' (West Asia) perspectives on technology innovation leadership bring new voices to the technology innovation discourse in international development. The approaches of technology innovation leaders in this collection demonstrate commitment to building sustainable futures among the communities in which the authors live. There is a scarcity of technology innovation perspectives from within 'Middle East'( West Asia) perspectives and the initiatives and endeavors of the innovation leaders in this book have global appeal. Other developing community innovators are inspired to compete globally as they explore future oriented sustainable innovation solutions that are context specific. Innovation and technology leadership in areas such as e-government and e-commerce are national priorities for countries such as Saudi Arabia. While there is a dense literature available on innovation diffusion in other developing community contexts (for example South Asia, the Asia Pacific region, Africa and Latin America), this book fills the gaps in the literature on 'Middle East' (West Asia) perspectives on innovation technology diffusion in developing community contexts. The book emphasizes the unique leadership perspectives and approaches of pioneers who boldly embrace "e-solutions" in government, commerce, education and environment. "e-Solutions" refers to the increasing use of multiple new communication technologies to innovate and produce meaningful change within developing communities. Contributors to this book respond to specific grassroots issues through a critical examination and investigation of key research questions from the perspective of developing communities who are committed to building sustainable futures. In unique and creative ways, they respond to the needs of communities that they know well and who are part of their lived realities. It will also inspire other developing communities to aspire to their highest potential in seeking creative solutions.

    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationNew York, United States of America
    PublisherNova Publishers
    Number of pages193
    ISBN (Electronic)9781631173912
    ISBN (Print)9781631173882
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


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