The Blood Debt

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Sal and Shilly live a quiet life in the coastal village of Fundelry. Years ago they were hunted by the powerful Sky Wardens, with whom they had a tempestuous and ultimately dead-end relationship. But life has been good. Now an old friend who is a Sky Warden, tom, comes looking for them. Sal's father, Highson Sparre, has called up a creature from the Void Beneath. Highson is missing, presumed dead, and the Wraith is loose in the world. the Wraith has the ability to deaden the Change (the magic potential) around it, leaving the world it passes through neutral; no positive or negative potential is there, although gradually normality returns. If Sal and Shilly help to track the Wraith and find Highson Sparre, they will be given amnesty? prosecutions can be brought to bear from past transgressions. Old friends and old enemies are not always well met, but Sal and Shilly will have to come to terms with the world around them all over again. they will have to deal with many things to discover the truth about the Void Beneath, and about the mysterious Divide...
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationSydney, N.S.W
Number of pages578
ISBN (Print)9780732279264, 0732279267
Publication statusPublished - 2005

Publication series

Name Books of the cataclysm
PublisherVoyager, HarperCollins


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